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Accepted Insurance Plans

Insurance & Other Payment Options

It is a common misconception that one must have health insurance in order to see a family physician.  This is not true.  We gladly accept cash paying patients. We also have the capability to accept credit and debit/ATM cards as payment options, for your convenience. 

If you expect to use your insurance to cover your office visit, please remember to bring a copy of your card/insurance information with you (or consider faxing it to us in advance of your appointment).  Unless we are able to verify eligibility by the time of the appointment, you will be responsible for payment at the time of the visit.

Why do we require proof of insurance? We have no choice, really. Think of it in terms of shopping at a store. When the cashier asks for payment, you can't say that "I have Visa" and not show them your card. Without your credit card, you either pay by cash/check or leave empty handed. Similarly, patients cannot expect us to provide services simply by telling us that they have coverage with a particular insurance company if they have no proof of this. 

(If you have insurance coverage, but have not yet received your card, simply provide us with enough information to verify the coverage. This usually entails obtaining the information from the human resources person of your company.)


HMO and PPO products: Contracted through Graybill Medical Group and SCMG (Sharp Community Medical Group).

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