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Cara Ferguson
Jungle by Cara Ferguson Hyla Frog by Cara Ferguson Macaws by Cara Ferguson Red eye tree frog by Cara Ferguson
Karen Ferguson

“I want to create beautiful illustrations that prompt the feeling of kinship, curiosity, wonder, humor, and love with the subject. I want to inspire imagination and appreciation for the beauty in nature and the oneness of humanity that ties all people and the environment together.”

flower bubble by Karen Ferguson Flower nympths by Karen Ferguson Heart Angel by Karen Ferguson Girl with make-up by Karen Ferguson
Milkshake by Karen Ferguson Peace by Karen Ferguson Queen's Dream by Karen Ferguson


Karen is a native San Diegan. Her early art interests and training were encouraged by her father, Martin H. Miller, a former teacher at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. She attended San Diego State University and became the resident Graphic Artist for the San Diego County Library system in 1973. She also taught drawing and painting in Chula Vista and San Marcos Elementary schools. Karen developed an eye and feeling for the details of nature, people, and the world around her through her father’s tutelage, and through the many art teachers and friends in her life. Her travels through the United States, Canada, England, and India have given her a great appreciation and love for all cultures, as well as the oneness of the human heart that ties all people and the environment together.

Together with her daughter, Cara (also an accomplished artist), the two have stared a line of greeting cards and Gicleé fine art prints from their original artwork. Karen exhibits her work in galleries and art festivals throughout the region and also teaches drawing and painting in her home studio.

The above images are but a small sample of their work. If you would like to see more, or are interested in purchasing some for yourself, you may contact Karen at 760-591-9805.