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Dr. Robert Pearson


songs from his musical comedy

"Just Another Day at the Office"


About the author

Bob Pearson has enjoyed writing all kinds of prose and poetry most of his  adult life. He has written extensive medical articles, newspaper editorials, and other miscellaneous works.

In 1996, he was sitting in bed reading the Sunday NY Times when he turned to his wife of 44 years and repeated about 3 times the fact that he loved her. Finally she turned to him and said, "How many times are you going to say you love me?" Immediately he was struck with an idea for a song. He  got up from the bed and got paper and pen; within an hour he had completed a beautiful love song titled "How Many Times."

After receiving many accolades, the author was told to write more songs in order to make a CD or tape. He did exactly that. soon he was told that the songs were of the "show tune" variety and that he should write a play. The  author proceeded to write a musical comedy about a day at the doctor's office, which includes the 17 songs on this CD.


Dr. Pearson comes from a musical  family. His father was a dentist who played the violin and his mother played the piano. A cousin, Max Meth, was a musical conductor on Broadway.

He married Eleanor DeBenedetto, a professional singer whom he met at Scroon Crest in the Adirondacks. He was the lifeguard and she was the  singer. They both worked on the staff that included Alan Arkin and Gerald Fried. They have 3 children, one of whom (youngest daughter, Wendy) appears on 2 of the songs below.

Track 1:  Guitar Joe

Old fashioned country song by a patient who comes into the waiting room of his doctor's office.

Track 2:  Gamble for Love

Postman sings country love song about gambling with love rather than gambling with money.

Track 3:   Changing Scene

Song with a deep message that transcends many decades.

Track 4:  A Girl Named Sue

Taken from a real life situation with the  daughter of the author - cute, lilting, and fast moving.

Track 5: Mary Lou

Teenage puppy love song performed in the "Grease" tradition.

Track 6:  Tots to Teens

Humorous summary of what parents go through with their children. 

Track 7:  Do Your Own Thing

Ting-tang-ting-a- ling-ling about the way this patient does his own thing.

Track 8: How Many Times a Day

Opening song - written by author for his wire, Eleanor. Love song of the century. [Sung by Cheryl Spirer]

Track 9:  Mr. No Man

Patient depicting a poor schnook in a most interesting musical. (Some lyrics sampled from Lennon-McCartney)

Track 10:  Alone

Depicts real life depressed patients of the doctor - slow and deep. [Sung by Cheryl Spirer]

Track 11:  Moses

Hallucinatory patient who believes he is Moses who climbed Mt. Sinai - all in rap. 

Track 12:  Barbara

Depicts a patient that is overly good and continues to be taken advantage of.

Track 13: Pitter Patter of Love

Written and sung by author's daughter about a love relationship that was not meant to be. [Sung by Wendy Pearson]

Track 14:  Obscenity-Pornography

Pateint explains to doctor all about obscenity and pornography. 

Track 15:  Coffee

Patient who complains to doctor about being kept up at night when she drinks coffee after 8 PM. [Written and Sung by Wendy Pearson]

Track 16:  Limping Lawyer Lou

A Johnny Cash-like narrative of a lawyer and his client. 

Track 17:  HMO

Depicts today's health care problems humorously. 

All selections recorded at Mohawack Recording Studios (New Jersey), July 1999.

Engineers: Manfred Knoop, Iain Fraser