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Daddy's Wallet Photos

15 Minutes of Love, Fun & magic!*

Watch the 15 wedding video here!

The Great Johnny Thompson produces a dove for Laurie! wedding ring production Stratosphere view
At a Sonoma winery First running date: this is how we showed up! Even our teddy bears are alike! Folgers meets my family
Little Michael Big michael and me Laurie and Little Michael at bus Laurie with guitar
Big Michael prom mikes graduation The kids and me Michael on boat
Little Michael and Tim LIttle Michael wrestiling with me Fun lunch with Folgers Laurie at dance class
Prince$$ Lulu Prince$$ Lulu curled on table Lucyfur early AM beach
A woman outstanding in her field Laurie and Little Michael at restaurant Crazy ninja skills Laurie at Universal Studios
Lunch at Pacific Beach New sheriff in town Sheriff performing magic for kids 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor
us big drinks big mike and tim Uncle Murray and me
Q'ero Restaurant beach honeymoon beach portrait
Free psych


Life is an improv. You take what's handed to you and do your best to make it better. The key is to always look for the game. Surround yourself with positive people and keep things fun.


* Our thanks to Paul Draper and the wonderful Tomsoni & Company (Pam and Johnny Thompson) for helping to make our wedding so special. Check out this classic clip of their performance in 1977 here.
Past life
Elaine.JPG (11599 bytes) Sam, Mike & Apollo 2002 us at Disneyland Elaine at Solid Rock Climbing gym
Samantha soccer 2001 Mike soccer 2001 Samantha Halloween 2001 Michael's drawing of his sister!
MIke takes me for a Disney ride at Zenith Picnic MIke helps Monty with magic at Elaine's surprise b-day party Mike Halloween 2001 Sam's school portrait
jp at Gettysburg (1978) My "preppie" photo (taken for my mom!) (1977) My college yearbook picture (1979) Me, some 30+ years later!
Yessir, we were pretty wild in the old days before kids.... Elaine and I at tijme of med school graduation, 1983

Picture of Michael taken by his 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Smith

Pictures from the Medicine-in-Motion Office Retreat 2003

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Mike just before his haircut. Finally caught Eli on camera. We're so lucky to have such a great medical assistant! A very hot day 3-D bowhunting with the kids. Pictures from Colorado Springs/ US Olympic Training Center Experience

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I use Dragon Naturally Speaking for my dictations. Please ignore the Barbie doll and  the  bear/sheep activity on the desk.... Bear State Bowhunters Rinehart 100 Target shoot featured some unusual targets! testing out those new exam gloves... Pictures from New York City/New Jersey

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Magician Bob Elliott and myself playing cards....      
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Sports Medicine

M11 teamlg.JPG (61540 bytes) 2001 Suzuki R&R Marathon wheelchair racer 2001 Suzuki R&R Marathon Running feet 2001 Suzuki R&R Marathon
Taking care of business 2001 R&R Marathon Relaxation time - it's finally over! 2005 Rock 'N Roll Marathon pictures can be found here. 2005 Footlocker National High School Cross Country Finals are here.
Great Union-Tribune football photo! Rancho Bernardo Broncos football (courtesy of Karl Grobl) Rancho Bernardo Broncos football, courtesy of Karl Grobl (70275 bytes) Qualcomm Stadium Div. 1 Championship Game
Robbie Bowers (Head Trainer RBHS), Sam, and myself Dr. Greg Bohart and myself at the Q 2005 RBHS Sports Med Team: myself, Dave McClaskey, Robbie Bower, Dr. Greg Bohart Lake Hodges running trails can be seen here.
Meet Earl, age 94. At age 94, Earl still ruins, skips rope, plays ball! Check out his running form here! San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon 2008 Med Station 19.6  Powerpoint Slide Show(47.8 MB)
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 Fun Sites to check out!

The Onion: the best satirical newspaper on the 'net:     http://www.theonion.com/
The JokeCenter:  If you love a good joke, you'll love the JokeCenter joke pages. JokeCenter is dedicated to providing the Web with the best humor and letting the Web community judge the best jokes. http://www.jokecenter.com/
The Obscure Store: real news stories that you probably missed!  http://obscurestore.typepad.com/
Useless Knowledge: great trivia site:    http://www.totallyuselessknowledge.com/
Hot A.I.R.: Annals of Improbable Research Did you ever wonder what is the most efficient way to drag sheep across the floor? Well, believe it or not, the answer to this question has been thoroughly investigated by a team of devoted scholars/ergonomists. To read more about this, as well as other examples of our tax dollars at work, check out the Ig Nobel Prizes at http://www.improb.com/
Monty Python's Flying Circus: official site http://www.montypython.com/
Donald Simanek's Pages: you can spend years exploring all of the fascinating science links on the page of this physics professor! http://www.lhup.edu/dsimanek/home.htm
Radio Margaritaville:  a zillion parrotheads can't be wrong. Get your fix of Jimmy Buffett streamed over the 'net 24 hours a day! http://www.radiomargaritaville.com/
Bored.com:  "When you have nothing better to do!" Links to the most interesting sites on the internet!"  www.bored.com
Ad Critic: If you often find that the TV commercials are often far better than the actual  programs, you'll love this site! Great place to watch some of your favorite, funniest commercials. (This used to be a free site, but now an annual fee is assessed in order to view the content.) http://www.adcritic.com/
Mini-Putt: Not in the mood to get any work done? Play a full 18 holes of miniature golf on your computer - a procrastinator's delight! http://www.addictinggames.com/miniputt.html.
Addicting Games: Need some more great time wasters? My daughter turned me on to this site (she assures me that she still studies hard...) http://www.addictinggames.com/index.html.
Taylor Guitars: I had played a Martin for years. Now it's time to move up to a real guitar!   http://www.taylorguitars.com/index.asp
The Eve Selis Band:  great local San Diego band; Out On A Wire is one of our favorite albums to play during surgery; http://www.eveselis.com/
Comedy Central Studios: http://www.cc.com/cc-studios
Rectal Foreign Bodies; A collection of medical case reports  involving future Darwin Award candidates;http://www.well.com/~cynsa/newbutt.html
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internethttp://www.cyndislist.com/
Bugbios: shameless promotion of insect appreciation! http://www.bugbios.com/
The Sid Caesar Home Page: great opportunity to watch some classic humor! http://www.sidcaesar.com/
Egg2 Games:  Free online games to kill time. http://www.egg2.com/
Mr. Otto Goes to the Olympics!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvwlwuwQWwk
Free Web Arcade:  play the  classic video arcade games for free on your computer! (Registration is free.) http://freewebarcade.com
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 Useful Web Sites and Programs

Web Pages that Suck by Flanders & Willis. Learning good design by studying bad. http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/
KPBS: There is intelligent life in the universe! Check out San Diego Public radio on the web:  http://www.kpbs.org/.  Unbiased  news, commentaries, and discussions during the weekdays; lots of fun programs on the weekends. Once you become addicted, be sure to support their programming by becoming a member!
Gibson Research Corporation; Just how secure is your computer? Use Steve's Shields UP! to check your system. This site is very educational with regards to internet security. http://grc.com/
The Ultimate Troubleshooter; Most of the problems that we encounter with personal computers are not due to hardware, viruses, or spam - they're caused by tasks running amok in the background! The trick to getting a problem computer to run smoothly again is being able to correctly identify what tasks your computer is trying to run concurrently and manage them more intelligently so as to avoid lock-ups and shutdowns. If you're constantly running into PC problems, then this program is worth purchasing at www.answersthatwork.com.
Webshots; Another great free site! This provides great pictures that you can use as wallpaper or screensavers. The selection and the quality of the photos are incredible! http://www.webshots.com/
The Reference Desk: http://www.refdesk.com/
Healthopedia: Your Health Encyclopedia: This appears to be a very extensive site hosting quite a bit of useful information. Note that the blue hyperlinks provide further info whereas the  green ones generally lead to ads.  http://www.healthopedia.com/
U.S. Newspaper links:  http://www.usnpl.com/
The Drudge Report:  one of life's guilty pleasures for news junkies. Whether or not you're a fan of Matt Drudge's Right wing modus operandi, the site provides extensive links to newspapers, journalists, etc.  http://www.drudgereport.com/
Runner's World: good info on all things running. http://www.runnersworld.com/
Gatorade Sports Science Institute:  An excellent reference site devoted to expanding knowledge on sports nutrition and exercise science in order to enhance the performance and well-being of athletes. http://www.gssiweb.com/
The Motley Fool: one of the best sites to learn about and researching your investments; http://www.fool.com/
The Golf Coach:  www.fredhanover.com. I've known Fred for many years. He's been a phenomenal coach for Cal State University at San Marcos and he's extremely popular with his students. Let him help you to improve your game.
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Worthwhile Charitable Organizations

Project Walk: Spinal cord injury recovery program located in Carlsbad. Their gym is filled with real special people - quads and paraplegic individuals working hard for hours each day through assisted exercise. Nothing else remotely like it anywhere in this region. Christopher Reeves participates in a similar type of rehab program. This type of specialized rehab costs lots of money and is not covered by many insurance plans.  http://www.projectwalk.org/
St. Clare's Home for Women and Children: 

"The women and children that arrive at the door of St. Clare's Home come from all walks of life.  They have lived on the streets, in cars, in public rest rooms, under bridges and in places unsuitable for any human being. They have endured domestic violence. They have been tormented, threatened and physically abused. Many have turned to alcohol and drugs to escape their terrifying lives.

These women are mothers. They bring their children clutched close to them. Some have a few belongings they carry in paper bags. Many have only the clothing on their backs. They are desperate, exhausted, tearful and hungry. Their children cry in fear and confusion. Many of these children have been abused and molested. Their mothers flee for their safety.

Sister Claire Frawley takes them into St. Clare's Home where they are safe. This is the first step on a long path to regain dignity, provide for their children and begin the life of self sufficiency they've only dreamed of having ... in a safe home with a real zip code."


T.E.R.I., Inc: The Training, Education, and Research Institute is dedicated to providing quality care and training to people with developmental disabilities and their families. http://www.teriinc.org/.

Based in nearby Oceanside, for years, they are in process of opening another campus on Twin Oaks Rd in San Marcos. Per their website, "the new campus will accommodate the educational, research and therapeutic programs operated by the agency, to include relocation of adult training and education programs, the TERI Learning Academy, The Country School, the corporate-sponsored childcare program, recreation and therapy programs, and community training facilities. Construction costs are estimated at $20 million."

If you look under their "Programs and Services" section of their site, you'll note that TERI offers so much for their students, 70% of whom are diagnosed with autistic disorders. It takes a caring and dedicated staff to do all that they accomplish. 

Government funding is getting tighter, yet the needs remain. And, new buildings don't come cheap...

The Elizabeth Hospice: Betty Bulen, R.N. founded this local organization devoted to providing comfort for the terminally ill, as well as support for their families. I am proud to be associated with this large group of very caring  individuals. Learn more about our programs at http://www.elizabethhospice.org/
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Fun Files!

The following are short films, cartoons, or games that have been floating around the 'Net for some time.  The author's copyright info is usually included as part of the program. (They've all been scanned for viruses.) Some files require the use of the  Macromedia Shockwave/Flash Player.
Chinese Restaurant Song; (1057 KB)  My kids'  favorite!
Alien Song (I will Survive...)(3126 KB): Brilliant short .mpg file by Victor Navone
I Believe in Miracles: mouse sings to his beloved cheese. (1017 KB)
Like cats? Check out this Funny Cats video! (2.71 MB)
Here kitty, kitty.... (994 KB mpg). Curiosity gets the cat every time!
Jurassic Fart (1.39 MB wmv).
Dewalt Construction Safety (888 KB mpg). Gosh, how I love workers comp....
A lions' day (620 KB wmv). Some days you just get lucky.
John West Salmon commercial: (380 KM)
Eskimo Fishing Experience - yikes! (2368 KB)
Juggling your head - a Japanese magic act (.wmv file)
Protect valuables - Once again we look to Asia for a humorous commercial!
Into the night: funny IKEA commercial! (2.46 MB mpg)
George Carlin was right (farts ARE funny)! I don't know where this originated, but my kids think that it's hysterical. (Well, OK, so do I!)  (1.73 MB AVI file)
Bet you can't eat just one! Lays Potato Chip commercial. (1.44 MB AVI file)
Clumsy Penguin (390 KB)
Slippery when wet... - Someone took the time to paste lots of slips/falls together (Probably from America's Funniest Home Videos?) (5240 KB)
Love is garbage? Two trash men serenade a woman walking along the street in this cute, but funny video.  (4280 KB)
Stress Relief Tools(1253 KB)  Offers 9 different means to release pent up aggression! 
Smile! (810 KB)  Try the new Sony camera!
Elf Bowling (1104 Kb ) - fun game around the holidays!
Get back to work!(238 KB)  Think Michael Jackson's Thriller for your desktop.
Presidential Dance-off(385 KB)  Gore and Bush as Chippendale dancers!
Crazy Dancing - Good example of something we used to do in summer camp skits!
TSA Song - Up-to-date version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" [TSA = Transportation Security Administration]; (.wma file)
Fishing with McDonalds - Fun commercial for McDonald's!
The Mighty Colorectal Surgeon Song - You DON'T want to see a music video of this  one!    (.wav File)
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