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News Updates

21 November 2018

Aside from Thanksgiving, the office will also be closed on "Black Friday" (11/23/18). I will be available by phone if needed for urgencies. Call 760-575-4011. [NOTE: for emergencies, call 9-1-1. For routine things such as prescription refills, scheduling an appointment, please wait until Monday.]

27 October 2018

We survived our first 4 weeks! We've been slowly ramping up as we learn our software and things have been going very well. What a difference in the new practice, compared to working with the large group - much less stressful without having to deal with the hassles of the insurance companies. Our patients have noticed and their experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. We'll keep doing everything that we can to keep our patients' experiences as good as they've been in the past years.

Also, in the interest of returning transparency to medical offices, we've now posted our most common office charges so that potential patients can make informed medical decisions. They can be found here. Please note that effective November 1, 2018, a $5 processing charge will be applied to all credit card payments.

Finally, Dr. Desi Gamboa and his wonderful staff (at Carlsbad Chiropractic) couldn't be nicer to us. We love sharing their office with them and look forward to doing fun things together in the future!

16 October 2018

Another short week: must leave early today (Tuesday) for a doctors appointment and no office hours on Friday as Laurie and I will be attending Youtopia, the regional San Diego "Burn." [sdyoutopia.com]

Youtopia is being held at the La Jolla Indian Reservation off of Highway 76, near Palomar Mountain. I should be able to receive calls for emergencies while I'm away (Thursday thru Sunday), but if for some reason I'm not able to be reached, Dr. Curtis Buck (my former student!) will be available to handle questions that arise. His contact information will be on the office recording. Obviously, if a true emergency exists, the answer is always "9-1-1."

1 October 2018

"Soft opening" today! Giving our new software a testdrive and we're still waiting on some supplies and prescription forms to be delivered. We won't be entirely up to speed, but patients may now call office to schedule appointments.

Once we have your name and basic information, we'll send you a link to our patient portal, called "OnPatient' where you can complete the registration, history, etc from the comfort of your home. Don't have a computer at home? Arrive early for your appointment and compete this information on our iPad Pro tablet.

Reminder: we will be fee for service only. No insurances will be billed. We will, however, provide you with a "superbill" that you can can submit to your insurance company (or Medicare) for reimbursement, if applicable. We will be following the Medicare fee schedule for non-participating physicians, which is generally lower than those of private insurances (and, visits for the most common maladies will, for the most part, be cheaper than the average urgent care visit of $150 AND you'll get seen by an experienced/seasoned physician rather than a nurse practitioner or physician assistant).  Our fee schedule will be posted under office information soon - there are lots of codes to go through!

Also, we will only be open Monday thru Wednesday this week as the office will be closed from Friday thru next Tuesday because I will be attending OMED, the American Osteopathic Association's annual convention, here in San Diego. It's my opportunity to earn Continuing Medical Education credits and keep my skills sharp.

Laurie and I thank you all for being so patient with us.



19 September 2018

Ramping up to opening. Much closer, but still waiting on some important items such as business license, malpractice insurance confirmation, learning how to use new software for scheduling, etc. Shooting for Monday, October 1, to begin treating patients again. I've posted our office hours under the "Office Information" page and hope to post a fee schedule shortly, as well, so that there are no surprises (unlike the current state of health care management). I plan on following the Medicare limiting charge rates for services, which is fair and affordable for most patients.

Created new business cards:

business card front Business card back

Unrelated: Now that I'm back in the "default" world (following the annual venture out to Burning Man), I've resumed my Tuesday evening gig providing close-up bar magic entertainment at the G-Spot (aka the Grand Avenue Bar & Grill) in Carlsbad. The fun starts at 8 PM so please come by and share some laughs with us locals!

17 August 2018

Medicine in Motion has found a new home! I will be sharing space with Dr. Desi Gamboa, of Carlsbad Chiropractic, in the heart of the village. It is located in the Roosevelt Center, adjacent to the U.S. Post Office. Our suite will be next to Pronto's Deli. It is just a few blocks away from Interstate 5, Carlsbad Blvd exit.

The address: 2808 Roosevelt St, Ste 100, Carlsbad, CA 92008 [phone # pending]

Not sure of exact start date as of this time. Shooting for the 2nd week of September, but depends upon getting scheduling and other systems up and running. Still finalizing office hours. I'm going to try to offer at least one day of evening hours and a day of early hours. Will post details when available.

  CBad Chiro office  

PLEASE NOTE: Next week, I will be leaving the "default world" (i.e. falling off of the grid, so to speak) to attend Burning Man once again. I will not be able to communicate either by phone or internet/e-mail after Tuesday 8/21until a few days following Labor Day.

Sideshow Camp 2017 Magic Doc at Burning Man 2017 The Man burns 2012!
Want an insider's view of our amazing Burning Man experience? Check out Tom Franks' video diary of our camp here. [Caution: some parts might not be safe viewing for work.]



21 June 2018

Effective today, I have left the Graybill Medical Group and am taking a 3 month sabbatical to recharge my batteries and discover life once again.

As many of you have noted on Facebook, the past months have been quite stressful: while I enjoyed my Graybill co-workers and staff - they've been very good to me - the tremendous burden placed upon hard working physicians by the requirements of the insurance companies and the use of electronic medical records systems finally became untenable. There was simply no way to get caught up on all of the "scutwork" while still caring for full days of patients. All work and no play makes Jeff tired and irritable. This affected my attitude towards patients and I did not like this. The "Department of Funology" was suffering. I was losing my filters (while good in improv workshops and performances, not necessarily good in the office).

In any case, I'm taking the advice that I give to my patients under similar circumstances. Take some deep breaths and get off of the "treadmill."

While many older/"seasoned" physicians have elected to simply retire because of these conditions, I expect to reopen a smaller "wellness/boutique" practice in north Carlsbad around mid-September, after my return from Burning Man. Details will be posted when they become finalized. At this time, I'll note that I am planning a practice that will focus on preventive medicine and wellness, but will continue to offer Osteopathic manipulative treatments and other basics. [Because of the issues noted above, I will NOT be participating in any insurance plans. Patients will be required to pay at the time of service and, if applicable, can submit their receipts in order to receive reimbursement from their insurance companies. Those of you who've been around for a bit will recognize that this "fee for service" model (with very straightforward posted fees) is the way things used to be before being supplanted by insurance models (where the actual fees are hidden and manipulated by the insurance companies. I believe in transparency and fairness. This will also help us to keep our charges reasonable.]

Graybill Medical Group will continue to provide medical care to my patients in my absence. Please contact them with any medical concerns that you might have until I re-establish my new office location.

Laurie and I thank you for your caring, consideration and patience. We greatly appreciate the many "best wishes" that we've received in support of our decision.

For those who wish to share a laugh with me in the meantime, you can still catch me performing bar magic most Tuesday evenings at the Grand Avenue Bar & Grill, in Carlsbad. The fun starts at 8 PM. Enjoy good food and drinks at locals prices!

Magic Doc

Magic Doc & Folgers

February 27, 2018

My particular style of medicine (and teaching) in the Department of Funololgy was featured by Tabitha Lipkin on Fox 5 San Diego! Check it out here.



"Latest News" items prior to 2016 have been archived. You can find them here (2002-2005) and here (2006-2016)