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News Updates

21 June 2018

Effective today, I have left the Graybill Medical Group and am taking a 3 month sabbatical to recharge my batteries and discover life once again.

As many of you have noted on Facebook, the past months have been quite stressful: while I enjoyed my Graybill co-workers and staff - they've been very good to me - the tremendous burden placed upon hard working physicians by the requirements of the insurance companies and the use of electronic medical records systems finally became untenable. There was simply no way to get caught up on all of the "scutwork" while still caring for full days of patients. All work and no play makes Jeff tired and irritable. This affected my attitude towards patients and I did not like this. The "Department of Funology" was suffering. I was losing my filters (while good in improv workshops and performances, not necessarily good in the office).

In any case, I'm taking the advice that I give to my patients under similar circumstances. Take some deep breaths and get off of the "treadmill."

While many older/"seasoned" physicians have elected to simply retire because of these conditions, I expect to reopen a smaller "wellness/boutique" practice in Carlsbad Village around mid-September, after my return from Burning Man. Details will be posted when they become finalized. At this time, I'll note that I am planning a practice that will focus on preventive medicine and wellness, but will continue to offer Osteopathic manipulative treatments and other basics. [Because of the issues noted above, I will NOT be participating in any insurance plans. Patients will be required to pay at the time of service and, if applicable, can submit their receipts in order to receive reimbursement from their insurance companies. Those of you who've been around for a bit will recognize that this "fee for service" model (with very straightforward posted fees) is the way things used to be before being supplanted by insurance models (where the actual fees are hidden and manipulated by the insurance companies. I believe in transparency and fairness. This will also help us to keep our charges reasonable.]

Graybill Medical Group will continue to provide medical care to my patients in my absence. Please contact them with any medical concerns that you might have until I re-establish my new practice.

Laurie and I thank you for your caring, consideration and patience. We greatly appreciate the many "best wishes" that we've received in support of our decision.

For those who wish to share a laugh with me in the meantime, you can still catch me performing bar magic most Tuesday evenings at the Grand Avenue Bar & Grill, in Carlsbad. The fun starts at 8 PM. Enjoy good food and drinks at locals prices!

Magic Doc

Magic Doc & Folgers




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