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San Diego Welcomes the Military Paralympics Summit (November 2005)

Swimming Paralympian medalist in Athens, Jarrett Perry, has been swimming for most of his nearly 19 years of age. Jarrett in the water This is the first time that this quadriplegic man has been in a pool in quite a while.  
Track The coach seen here has been intimately involved with the development of prosthetic running legs for a long time. Picking up helpful conditioning tips from a track coach. These are an example of the latest technology for running prostheses. A closer look.
  Learning agility and coordination while using prosthetic legs. The goal is not to step on the cups.   Learning control of a running prosthetic leg isn't easy.(mpg)
Wheelchair racing Slick aerodynamic design. Retired wheelchair athlete explains what to expect in competition. Hanging out on the track. And they're off!
Chris has been racing for many years. Here he's passing on words of wisdom and experience to a disabled veteran. A mock race. Trying out one of the racing chairs available. Disabled veterans huddle around to pick up some pointers from experienced wheelchair racers. The man in red (with his back towards the camera) has been racing for many years. Disabled veterans huddle around to pick up some pointers from experienced wheelchair racers.
Sit-down volleyball The basic rule of sit-down volleyball: keep your butt on the ground! Lots of smiles! These games get moving. Having lots of fun!
  Learning how to play sitdown volleyball.   One of the minor owies that I cared for that day.  
Wheelchair volleyball Serving in wheelchair volleyball. Learning the rules and strategy. Laws of gravity are not altered for the disabled. Good sportsmanship remains important.
  This disabled vet is trying out wheelchair volleyball for the first time. Note the wheelchair modification in order to prevent falling over backwards. This is similar to chairs used in wheelchair basketball. Of course, falling forward is always an option if you play aggressive enough... Everybody works together to help each other out in times of need.


Another vet trying out wheelchair volleyball for the first time. One of the U.S. Olympic Men's Volleyball team led instruction to these potential athletes. 2 mpg videos of wheelchair volleyball #1



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