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Accepted Insurance Plans


After running for 2 years as a "cash only/fee for service" practice, we concluded that we had to start participating in insurance plans in order to treat more of the patients who wanted to see us. We've done this reluctantly i.e. kicking and screaming, as it adds considerably more work to make the system work when there's only the two of us staffing the practice.

To help Laurie from losing her mind, we've signed on DrChrono (our EMR provider) to take on the coding and billing chores in the practice. We expect that there will be glitches as we try to adapt, but we hope that you'll bear with us in this process.

Also, in order to afford the added expenses, we've been forced to raise our prices slightly. Nevertheless, we remain one of the most affordable medical offices in the area (according to Fair's comparisons).


We currently participate in the following insurance programs (all are PPO plans):

Medicare and Tricare programs (we accept assignment for each); we also accept Medi/Medi (but do not accept straight Medi-Cal)


Anthem Blue Cross


United Healthcare

[There may be a few others, but we're trying to confirm before listing here.]

Brief note about deductibles: these can be confusing. For an quick overview, check out


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