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E-Mail's Greatest Hits

compiled by


[Sprained Angles Productions]

Welcome to the Comedy Cafe, where everything tastes funny...

I am a packrat. I save everything. Especially jokes. In fact,  PC manufacturers developed larger hard drives just for me.

You should know that I'm also a procrastinator. The idea to publish a book of the best e-mail jokes struck me MANY years ago. Alas, writing a book requires a lot of discipline, time, and effort. And time. Bottom line: I never got around to it.

Still, I had tons o' megabytes of jokes on my machine begging to see the light  of pixels. Well, here they are, organized by subject, accompanied by a fictitious history of e-mail that I had written especially for the book.

Be forewarned; Like the very nature of the internet, itself, these jokes have not been censored. Most are clean enough to share with your mom. Others....well... perhaps not. Just remember not  to shoot the messenger.

It will take me a while to get all of these jokes formatted and posted here. Some of the categories will ultimately be renamed and the chapters will be updated eventually as time permits. Clicking on a hyperlinked title from the index below will take you a .pdf file on the same topic that might be anywhere from 2-36 printed pages long. [You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. Click here for link to the Adobe site.]

I'll get around to finishing this eventually. Trust me...

In the beginning: The Illustrated History of E-Mail by jocdoc
Booze and Drugs
Buttons, Bumpers, and Headlines
Darwin Awards and other instances of stupidity
Genies and such
Just jokes
Logic and Trivia
Medical and other professionals
Men vs. Women
Old People
Queer Eye for a joke
Rules and Lists
Tricks and Quizzes
About Sprained Angles

Looking at life through a sprained angle is how Dr. Pearson best describes his observations, writings, and approach to life in general. Improvisation and humor have always been the rule, not the exception, in his practice. According to that old venerable medical bible, Readers’ Digest, laughter has long been considered the best medicine. In short, Dr. Pearson believes that going to the doctor should be a fun/pleasant experience - whether you’re a kid or an adult. Patients that survive his care tend to agree…