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Medicine-in-Motion Staff Retreat 2003

June Lake/Mono Lake/Yosemite

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group fishing trip at Silver Lake The mighty fishermen (June Lake) Mono Lake Mono Lake
Tuolumne Meadows , Yosemite Soaking feet atTuolumne Meadows , Yosemite Kids take a break atTuolumne Meadows , Yosemite Michael having fun in the icy cold waters at Tuolumne Meadows , Yosemite
Office retreat at Tuolumne Meadows , Yosemite 10,000 feet in Yosemite Yosemite Valley; view of the falls Go climb a rock!  (Yosemite)
Sam at the meadows No coding for a week!   Elaine is delirious at 10,000 feet... Tuolumne Meadows , Yosemite Sam relaxing at Convict Lake
"Where are the fish, daddy?" (Convict Lake)      

Vacation 2003