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It's a Magical World

I first got interested in magic way back in grade school (I still have some of those books e.g. Spooky Magic).  During the summer between college and med school, I got a great job as a teen tour counselor - taking 35 hormonal 16 year-olds camping across the United States and Canada for $25/wk (paid for film, basically).  During our travels through California, we stopped by Disneyland and I discovered the Magic Store on Alway's a favorite - pulling the baby rabbit from Mr. Otter's butt!Main Street.  I loaded up on books and tricks and did pretty basic stuff after that for the next 20+ years or so.  For example, I would pull colored silk handkerchiefs and coins from children's' ears when I worked as an Emergency Room physician at a local hospital and in my family practice back in New Jersey.

In 2005, my skills picked up considerably thanks to the mentoring of Bob Elliott who - along with his wife, Happy - retired to northern San Diego county and joined our local magic clubs.  An amateur magician himself ("Amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic.") Bob is  best known as the man who taught many of today's magicians.  Amongst his numerous pupils were names such as David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Criss Angel.  [You can read many tributes to Bob from his magical friends at]  Thanks to Bob's training, I was accepted as a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle) in Los Angeles.

Many have been wowed by Bob during his weekly trips to our office to perform magic for our patients and many a child has come away with a silver dollar piece that Bob found inside of their 'cash ear' (cashier)!

Bob teaching me how to cheat at cards... Bob and Happy Elliott 2007 Bob produces a pair of jumbo coins! "I hope that you have your card on your mind b/c I have your card on my mind!"
Want to see a video of Bob in his prime? Watch him demonstrate his big coin pulse routine!

Check out The Magic Of Hospice program here!

My magic buddies and I have had some great opportunities to meet some of modern magic's greatest either directly or indirectly through Bob.  The following is a scrapbook of such meetings and other assorted photos.
Eugene Burger Eugene Burger and myself Bob Fitch and I at the Jackson Diner in Leonia, NJ Best comedy magician: Mac King along with Mike Smith and myself Rick Thomas with Mike and I
Magick Blay, David Roth and myself at Fantasma Magic in NYC Bob Elliott, Terry Runyon, myself at Wounded Warriors Picnic Entertaining wounded marines Eddie Lake, Lou Heck at the Wounded Warriors picnic Mike Smith at the Wounded Warrriors Picnic
JC Wagner shares some thoughts at my 50th birthday party Terry Lunceford gets me tied up at my 50th birthday bash. 50th birthday party magicians and family Magician Michael Johnson and his lovely wife, CJ Magician Jeff Marcus and his lovely wife, Peg
Hey, the chick magnet really works! Cruisin' Grand at Grand Magic Shop My daughter does some magic at Cruisin' Grand, too. America's Got Talent's Kenny "the juggler" Shelton Working Cruisin' Grand at the magic shop
Bob Elliott, Simon Lovell, and myself The spectacular cast of World's Greatest Magic in Las Vegas! Nathan Burton with his mom, myself in Las Vegas The very tall Penn with Mike and myself The incredible Teller with Mike and myself
Eric Anderson lectures at IBM Ring 76 Aldo Colombini lecturing at Ring 76 Rachel Colombini and local magician Tom The Elliotts, Colombinis, myself and mike Kostya Kimlat flanked by Bob and myself
Steve Dacri with two Michaels, Bob and myself Hanging out with Gary Darwin at the Las Vegas Boomers Swapping stories with Bob Kohler The Million Dollar Magician, Steve Cohen joined us for dinner at Rockin' Baja Lobster in the Gaslamp during a recent visit. Tony Clark lectures at Ring 76
Mentalist/Magician Max Maven after watching his one man show at the Steve Allen Theatre. Patch Adams and I discuss how we pick our insurance plans. David Regal lecture IBM Ring 76 David Acer and myself Jay Sankey and myself
Hanging with The Great Thomsoni and Company Mike Hilburger reigning from his throne! Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar_Friday eve discussion panel Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar_Saturday panel discussion Sessioning with a living legend:  the great Johnny Thompson!
Hanging with the Amazing Jonathan and the gorgeous Psychic Tanya in Las Vegas  

Paul Green visits our Ring 76 for a great lecture.

Paul giving magic doc a cough test???

Kevin James and myself

Comedy magic greats Michael Finney and Mike Caveney join magician Greg Frewin and myself.
Comedy bar magician superstar Bob Sheets and myself. Bob and Happy Elliott accompanied my son (Michael) and me to see David Copperfield at Pechanga Casino. Bob was David's magic teacher! Hanging out with Justin Styles at the D'Lite Headquarters in NJ! With Doc Eason at the Magic Castle Jon Armstrong and I
  For magicians: My "voodoo" handling of Bob's First trick can be found here. (pdf) My original "Cannibal Kings" script (pdf) can be found here


My Political Oil & Water:  script is here;  mpg performance at street fair is here. [note: 136 MB file!] 


What does a magical medical exam room look like??? One can't have too many toys, can he???
Woks Up, Doc? Using magic makes patient education fun! Doc, I feel funny..... Wishing y'all a PAPpy New Year! No smoking here!
The cure for "white coat" syndrome! Love my High Caliber Holster!